All Westmont Bookstore textbook orders will be available for pick-up at the Campus Mail Center. Please review the Mail Center hours of operation.

Textbooks are available on the bookstore website throughout the semester, however, place your order as early as possible to ensure used book availability and delivery before classes begin.

**It is important to note that, as we prepare for the semester, we are receiving hundreds of textbooks every day. If you see that a book we offer says "temporarily out of stock" please check back every few days. We are constantly receiving and updating our inventory!**
• Click on the following link: ORDER HERE

• Select the term, department, course and section

• Textbooks will appear below

• Add them to your cart and follow the registration and payment instructions. Please use your Westmont email address and student account number to register but use your credit card billing address when inputting your credit card information.

Select Pick Up at Store: Your textbooks will not be shipped to any address.

• Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and up to $700 on your student account, if eligible. Please await an email from Joanne Gish for eligibility instructions.
• You may charge up to $700 in textbooks and supplies to your student account. Any amount over will need another form of payment (Visa or MasterCard, Amex, Discover, cash, check). We will contact you to collect another form of payment if your textbook and supply order exceeds $700. Sorry, no apparel or gifts can be placed on your student account.

• You may only charge to your student account the first two weeks of class.

• If you rent textbooks and do not turn them in by the deadline your student account will be charged the purchase price of the textbook minus your rental fee plus a small processing fee.

To charge to your student account, select ‘voucher’ as form of payment and place your student ID (don’t forget the leading zero!) in the voucher field.

Don’t forget to select “pick up in store!”

There are many options available to you when it comes to securing your textbooks, but none are easier or more cost-effective than renting your textbook(s) from your bookstore. Check out how easy it is:

• Rental textbooks are another low cost option for your textbook needs

• Rent your textbook on the bookstore website without having to pay shipping and handling fees

• Taking notes and highlighting in your textbook is allowed, unlike other online options

• Keep your books for the entire term and conveniently return them to the bookstore after your finals.

• If you wish to purchase your book(s) at the end of the semester simply come in and pay the difference between the rental and purchase price!
• Textbook Rentals must be returned in good condition, no water damage or stains.

• Due date is the last day of finals.

• If not returned, you will be charged the difference between the rental and purchase price plus a processing fee of $5.
• Bookstore buyback area during posted hours

• Inside the College Store.

After hours return at the campus post office. Each book must be in a sealed envelope with your ID# and name clearly marked on the outside of the envelope. Use the mail slot labeled Rental Returns. Unlabeled books will not be credited toward the renter's account.
Benefits of selling your books to the bookstore

• Immediate cash

• Saves fuel by reducing the need for us to order textbooks and have them shipped

• Saves trees by reusing textbooks rather than printing new ones

Students who have sold their books to the Westmont Bookstore have enabled you to save money by purchasing used texts. Return the favor to your fellow students - sell the books you no longer need!

Determining factors for buyback pricing

• Is the book in resalable condition?

• Does the book have all its components?

• Is there a new edition pending?

• Is there a demand for the book on other campuses if not being used on this campus again?

• Does the bookstore have adequate quantities for next semester?

There are two possible values placed on books at buyback:
Retail value and Wholesale value:

• RETAIL value is when our campus is going to use the title again. Thus, we pay up to one half of the current retail value.

• WHOLESALE value is when the title is not being used again on this campus but a national textbook wholesaler offers 10-40% of the publisher's list price for possible distribution to other campuses.
At your request, the bookstore will place a special order for any textbooks that are not in stock. Expect up to 1 week for delivery. You will receive an email when your book arrives. Pick up special order textbooks at the Campus Post Office; a yellow package slip will be in your mail box to take to the back window for pick-up. Please email bookstore@westmont.edu for special requests.
We offer competitive pricing on our textbooks. We provide this link which allows you to compare our prices to Amazon, Half.com and Barnes and Noble directly from our website.
We offer Ebooks as an alternative option, our ebooks will work on all platforms: https://westmont.redshelf.com/
Textbooks are returnable the first week of classes (the first two days during mayterm) and will be assessed a 10% restock fee.
• New books must be in pristine condition or the used price will be given.

• Bundled texts must be in the original shrink wrap to be returnable.

• In order to cover the cost of processing returns, a 10% restocking fee will be assessed.

• Special orders and readers are non-returnable.

Dropped Class
Textbooks may be returned up to the last day to withdraw from a class. A new schedule along with the original receipt must be presented. New books must be in pristine condition or the used price will be given. Bundled texts must be in the original shrink wrap to be returnable.

2nd week of classes
Beginning the second week of classes, no returns will be given.
Exception: If you have withdrawn from the class or Westmont College. You must show proof.
Required: Denotes professor has indicated textbook will be necessary for the class.

Required Honors: Only those students that are in the honors section of a course will need to purchase these books.

Required Non-Honors: Only those non-honor students in a combined honors/non-honors course will purchase these books.

Recommended: Texts are resources or reference materials selected by your professor and may be purchased online at your discretion.

Alternate: This is an alternate edition, either will suffice for the class, do not purchase both.

Optional: Texts are used during the semester for written assignments and are shelved in the Textbook Annex. Most often your professor will ask you to choose only one title of a selection. Please go to your class before purchasing an optional text.

Choose One Required: Go to class and speak with your professor before purchasing.
Textbook information is current as of today. Prices that are blank indicate that pricing information is currently unavailable for that item. Prices are subject to change without notice BEFORE purchase. Professors may make changes to adoptions or editions. The bookstore will honor returns the first week of class if your professor has made a change. The bookstore is not responsible for purchases made elsewhere using the bookstore web site information. Every effort is made to provide accurate information.

The staff at your college bookstore works diligently to see that all the required books are on the shelves for you to purchase. We guarantee that the book you buy from us is the correct edition and has not been illegally reproduced. We know that you have other sources for your textbooks and understand your need to find the lowest cost book. We post the book list on our web site in plenty of time for you to search other sources. With that in mind we ask that you not borrow our books (purchase for temporary use) when you do not intend to actually buy them. We try to be the best overall value to you by providing all the books and supplies you need, on campus, with no shipping fees. The money you spend at your college bookstore stays here to cover our costs with any excess going to the Westmont general fund. Thank you for your support of our community!

Rental Agreement
You have entered into a rental agreement with our bookstore to loan you one copy of a selected title. Rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are copyrighted by the author(s) or publishers. Textbooks rentals are not to be reproduced. The rental agreement is only effective for the current semester. Per terms of this agreement, you are responsible for the following:

• I understand that all titles for rent are property of the bookstore.

• Materials are returned in the appropriate condition: clean, without excessive writing or highlighting, and without notes. You agree to be billed for the new retail price of the materials if any of the items are damaged or missing.

• Materials are returned on or before the date they are due. You agree to be billed for the new retail price of the materials if they are not returned on time.

• If you wish to keep your rental materials, the rental fee will be applied to the retail price of the items you want to own.

Thank you for supporting the Westmont Bookstore!



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